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27. February 2024

A day among champions: Insights from the Freiburg Olympic Training Centre

During our recent visit to the Freiburg Olympic Training Centre, it quickly became clear that this is not just a training facility, but a centre for Olympic and Paralympic excellence, as evidenced by numerous athlete success stories. The atmosphere on site? One of ambition, discipline and mutual respect.

Thanks to the invitation of Gundolf Fleischer, President of the BSB, and Jürgen Willrett, Deputy Head of the OSP, we had the opportunity to visit both the modern training facilities in Freiburg and the base in Notschrei. Talking to staff and athletes gave us a deep insight into their daily lives and the challenges they face.

This exchange was very valuable – it gave us not only new perspectives and contacts, but also concrete suggestions on how we can further advance our vision of a modern campus with innovative learning methods. A campus that provides young talent with the best conditions to excel in sport and education. Our visit to the Olympic Training Centre was another important milestone in creating an environment that seamlessly combines performance and learning.

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