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A hit with everyone:
the sports grammar school as a role model

How many medals did Germany win at the World Athletics Championships in the summer of 2023?

Exactly: none. One of the reasons is undoubtedly that the young athletes were unable to combine their demanding training with school. But it’s not just about medals and top-class sport. It’s about much more.

Sport and school:
Setting the bar high

It’s not just in sport that Germany is in danger of falling behind. Our school system also needs new impetus – as the Pisa study has shown. For these and many other reasons, we have launched the #NextGenSportsEducation initiative. As an ambitious sports sponsor, we are planning and building an innovative sports high school in the south of Munich that will serve as a role model. The Munich South Sports School will be a not-for-profit campus open to all Olympic and Paralympic sports and to children with sporting ambitions.


the springboard to sporting
and personal success

At Sportgymnasium München Süd, we prepare our “winners of tomorrow” for life by fostering qualities that will be useful far beyond their sporting careers.


  • … learn to be successful in sport and in school, both individually and as part of a team.
  • take responsibility for their bodies and performance.
  • push their own limits and get better and better.
  • practice perfect English for the international environment of sport and work.
  • use the latest technology with confidence.
  • live values such as fairness, equality, sustainability and integration.

= A “LIFE SCHOOL” for the development of strong personalities.

How we get sport
and school in top form:

The optimal conditions at the Munich South Sports School enable performance-oriented young athletes and ambitious sports talents to concentrate on their sport without losing sight of their academic performance. The school adapts to the sport – not the other way around.

That’s why we use:

  • State-of-the-art technology and innovative teaching methods.
  • Inspiring, multifunctional learning environments that meet individual needs.
  • Intensive, holistic and individual support for sport and school with a strong team.

Right from the start:
Synergy effects for all

The Munich South Sports School is a model for a new development in our school system. Optimally embedded in the local infrastructure, it offers synergy effects for clubs, other schools and citizens.

None of this would be possible without investors and sponsors. This is where we need you as a business partner.

How you can become part of our team in a variety of ways  – with maximum benefit for your company.

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